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Najim's Interests

  • Photography ... I love it. I am really sorry, I can't show you my assets of photography.

  • Squash ... Ya I was a good player ... but now I can't play due to excessive smoking.

    Now I have almost quited smoking.(April 1997)

  • Cricket ... I remember last time I played about 4 years ago. Now I just get along with looking matches on the telly.

  • Kite Flying ... Still I like it .... specially when I go Lahore. If you dont see kites in Lahore, its not Lahore.

  • Poetry ... I started with English and finished on Urdu ... You might have seen my poems in the begining ... If you want to have a look on the English translation of my Urdu poems Email me.

  • Music ... I love music, of any kind, but I like to listen Mariah Carey in English. In Urdu I like Ghazals, and in Arabic Allama Raghib. I also like Asian classic music specially Sitar and Tabla. In Punjabi music(songs) I like almost all the songs in which Bansuree(musical instrument) is used.

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